We are here to help your animal friend

We think ahead!

Our goal is to provide you with the most current holistic veterinary care education, innovative natural  care products and supplements and online consultations.  We are here to serve you as a  trusted and reliable resource for your customers and the worldwide community likeminded animal lovers.

Instead of focusing solely on disease treatment, we think ahead and help people like you learn how to create health and prevent disease.

The company’s founder, Dr. Peter Dobias – a veterinarian, has a background in both holistic and conventional veterinary medicine, animal homeopathy and natural nutrition and more than 20 years of practical and teaching experience.

Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions was established to make natural and holistic forms of healing more readily available and  provide people with an effective alternative to conventional veterinary care. Our goal is to treat effectively and eliminate or reduce pharmaceuticals used during treatment. We also love sharing knowledge and educating people about the benefits of disease prevention and holistic healing.

The current state of medicine in most countries shows that despite technological progress, the incidence of chronic degenerative diseases and unnecessary suffering of both animals and people is still very prevalent. Our society’s reliance on pharmaceutically oriented research has created a situation that we believe is not sustainable. Most developed countries spend more than 50% of their tax revenue on health care while drug and medical equipment costs are skyrocketing.

Most importantly, no one can put a cost on the physical and emotional suffering that, in many cases, can be prevented. We hope that through our company’s work, education, research and charity we will be able to contribute some solutions to these problems.

We provide an online gathering place and support for people interested in animal holistic healing.

We offer our clients an easy-to-follow plan to achieve pets’ health and longevity which can be extended to human health as well. We show our clients where health problems originate and how to prevent them in the first place.

We invite people to join our effort in the transformation of the medical establishment into an effective healing system that emphasizes prevention and promotes harmony between the body, mind and soul.

Throughout human history, our society has undergone major transformations. We have eliminated slavery, aimed for gender and racial equality, and made major progress in other areas of our society. Now it is the animals’ turn. They deserve our attention and we hope that people will join our growing community.

We need to ensure that all pets, wild or farm animals are treated with the respect, care and dignity they deserve. They are our allies and fellow cohabitants of this planet and they deserve the very best.